Save That Smile with These Stress Beaters

Stress. It can strike at any time, any place, and for any reason. But when it comes to stress, nothing seems to bring it on quite like work. Whether it’s a tough client, a fast-approaching deadline or a project that just won’t seem to come together, for most people, work stress is just a fact of life. Worse yet, stress can cause us to do some bad things, including grinding our teeth, clenching our jaws and even mindlessly snacking on sugary foods.

But you don’t need to let stress ruin your oral health. Here are some tips you can use anywhere to help reduce your stress level without gritting your teeth or reaching for that bag of candy hidden in your desk (we see you!).

Pack Healthy Snacks

First, let's tackle that stress-eating habit. While you may not be able to stop snacking, you can easily control what you snack on - and help your body in the process. Pack your office full of healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables, nuts and even dairy (OK, refrigerate the dairy) so when the urge to snack hits, you aren’t binging on sugar. Plus, eating healthy food is good for your brain, which just may push you through whatever is stressing you!


Some people find the concept of meditation too "out there," but studies have shown that it is effective at reducing stress and anxiety, and it even improves your focus. But, according to Fast Company, only 8 percent of Americans actually meditate. There are many great meditation apps you can download to your phone or tablet to help teach you breathing exercises that will help you find your center and get back to the task at hand.

Listen to Relaxing Music

What is relaxing music exactly? Well, it’s whatever music relaxes you - whether it's classical, new age or even rock, playing music has been proven to reduce stress. Just don’t stress out your coworkers by playing it too loud!

Use a Diffuser

Check with your company policy on this, but diffusing calming essential oils may help you feel more relaxed and centered. If diffusing in the office isn’t an option, consider an essential oil necklace or roller that dispenses just enough scent to benefit you without disturbing anyone around you.

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