Dr. Lederman knows you are busy. That’s why when its time for a restoration, he uses CEREC 3D technology. With CEREC, Dr. Lederman’s patients need only one appointment for inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. There is no longer a need for temporary crowns or a week of production time. Why make two appointments when your restoration can be completed in one!

The CEREC 3D system is an improved procedure for custom-milling with digital imaging and software components that allow Dr. Lederman to complete the entire mapping and milling process for crowns in his office. CEREC 3D enables Dr. Lederman to view, manipulate, change, and verify the design of a patient’s crown before it is milled right in Dr. Lederman’s office.

During the first step in the CEREC 3D procedure, a camera is used to create an image of your tooth. That means for a CEREC crown, patients don’t have to tolerate making dental impressions which can messy and unpleasant. CEREC 3D software converts this picture into a 3-dimensional model. Dr. Lederman then adjusts the design of your cosmetic inlay, onlay, or porcelain veneer to match the shape, size and contours of your teeth.

After this model is complete, a milling machine on site creates your ceramic restoration. Dr. Lederman then adjusts the restoration to ensure proper fit and bite. With the bonding techniques and the precision of the CEREC 3D system, minimal amounts of tooth structure are removed. Impressions are not necessary and CEREC materials are designed to match the exact shade of your teeth. CEREC restorations are composed of material that is nearly identical to natural dental enamel.

Are you ready for convenient, single-visit dentistry for your crown or restoration? Please call us today at at 516-882-1764 to schedule an appointment.

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