Dr. Lederman’s continuing education in Neuromuscular Dentistry now extends to his practice of orthodontics. As with the treatment of TMJ, Neuromuscular Dentistry addresses the alignment of both the teeth and the jaw to create an ideal, pain-free balance. Dr. Lederman’s continued study of Neuromuscular Dentistry now extends to using Orthodontics in the application of neuromuscular principles.

When performed on a young person or teen ager, traditional orthodontics can straighten teeth for a short-term solution while creating some long-term issues that are not apparent until adulthood. Many of the TMJ and sleep apnea cases Dr. Lederman sees began as issues that occurred with orthodontics. With a neuromuscular approach to orthodontics, a patient can still have teeth straightened but in a way that promotes and maintains a healthy jaw joint and airway.

While orthodontics is commonly associated with teenagers, it is growing in popularity among adults. This is due to the advent of clear braces and technologies that shorten the treatment time. As more adults are seeking out braces for straighter teeth, Dr. Lederman can also help them with chronic pain problems caused by TMJ using a neuromuscular approach to straightening their teeth.

For more information about Dr. Lederman’s neuromuscular approach to orthodontics please call us for an appointment at 516-882-1764 for a consultation.

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