Non-invasive sleep apnea treatment

Sleep apnea affects millions of Americans and it is generally misunderstood. Most think of sleep apnea as snoring. Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea so its an easy indicator of a bigger problem. If you snore, you should be checked for sleep apnea because much more is going on than you think.

Dr. Lederman treats sleep apnea with a custom-made mouth guard that is a comfortable fit for his sleeping patients. The mouth guard is designed with neuromuscular principles to keep the jaw positioned properly to help your airway remain open. Dr. Lederman will make sure you are tested for properly to diagnose your type of sleep apnea to make sure that all factors are addressed in your treatment.

Sleep apnea causes limited oxygen to your body during sleep. Not only does this reduce the restfulness of sleep, the reduced oxygen is harmful to the body. Sleep apnea has been liked to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, liver disease and more. In addition to health problems, poor sleep and restlessness affects people psychologically and can affect work and relationships.

If you snore, visit Dr. Lederman to discuss sleep apnea treatment. It is an easy warning sign and a consult with Dr. Lederman about sleep apnea can change your life. If you snore, please call us for an appointment at 516-882-1764.

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